Quota for Mac


Quota allows you to easily monitor your Local Ethernet/Wifi usage, ISP, Mobile Phone, Weather (BOM), News (RSS), Account Balances (Toll and Bank), Frequent Flyer, Loyalty cards, Stocks and currency.

Quota will alert you via push notifications when you are over your ideal spend or when a certain condition is met.  You can setup your accounts on your Mac and synchronise them with your iPhone, iPad or Android device using Dropbox.

Quota - set and forget ISP/Mobile usage monitoring

Purchase $10http://sites.fastspring.com/southfreo/product/quota
Trial Versionhttp://quotaxml.southfreo.com/prod_updates/QuotaOSX/appUpdatev7.zip

Quota XML contributors receive a free licence of any Quota product. For information about developing your own provider, see this link.

Compatible with OSX 10.5+ and above.

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App Storehttp://itunes.apple.com/au/app/quota-for-mac/id404745319?mt=12